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Attollo 3D XNA Engine is a managed engine written in XNA 1.0 and C# 2.0. This engine is written using managers and wrappers for easy content generation through a scenegraph. Features particle effects, model loading, terrain, etc.

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October 23, 2007: Today we have fixed the issue with blending when the post-processing a particle effects are applied. Finally, it is solved! :P We have updated the images here to be a little bit smaller so that they do not stretch the screen, and we have also updated them to demonstrate the blending fixes.

October 22, 2007: Project officially announced

October 9, 2007: Project work began underway...


Simple Engine Shot Using The DirectX SDK Tiger Model


Engine Shot Demonstrating 1 of the 5 Bloom/Motion Blur Effects


Engine Shot Demonstrating The Beginnings Of Our Particle Engine


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